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Pros & Cons of Eating Beef

Pros & Cons of Eating Beef

Pros of Eating Beef


Beef is one of the meats that human beings have consumed since the prehistoric times. It can be cooked in many different ways and served in popular forms like beef steak, hamburger, and so much more. The good thing about beef is that it’s not only a delicious meal but it’s also a healthy and nutrient-dense source of food. Listed below are some of the nutrients beef has to offer:




Beef is a great source of protein. It is known as a complete protein, one that contains all 8 essential amino acids that are needed for the development of muscle and maintenance of our body. Proteins are also used by our body to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. It’s an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.


Beef fat


Beef contains fat, also called beef tallow. It increases the calorie content of meat while it adds flavor to it. The amount of fat depends on different factors such as the cattle’s age, breed, and feeds. A Grain-fed cow contains a higher level of fat, that means more calories that can lead to weight gain. A grass-fed cattle, on the other hand, is lower in total fat. Although it has a lower amount of fat, it has a high-level of omega-3 fatty acids, or the good fat, which can reduce the risks of heart disease.


Vitamins and Minerals


Beef is also reached of Iron, Niacin, Phosphorus, Selenium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Zinc.


Cons of Eating Beef


There are so many health benefits that beef provides. However, overconsumption will also lead to a list of serious health issues like:




Regular and overconsumption of beef may increase your likelihood to develop type 2 diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health.


Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer


 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), beef is probably carcinogenic because they are linked to the increased risk of pancreatic and prostate cancers.


Body Fat Increase


Because some sources of beef have a high level of fat, regular consumption of it can lead to visceral and regular body fat. This is good on the rare occasions for people who want to increase their weight, but for most people gaining extra body fat is not good for you.


Kidney Problems


The work of the kidney is to filter the waste products when our bodies digest protein. Consuming too much protein can damage our kidneys.


 Good Detoxifiers Just For You


While we’re big beef eaters, however, we don’t condone eating beef all the time. mix it up with poultry and vegetables for a healthy diet. with other foods. It’s always a must to detoxify at least once a week to cleanse yourself from toxins that can lead to serious diseases. So here’s a list of detox juices to help you detoxify.


We recommend the following detoxifiers to do so every month or two. I do one of the below cleansers twice a month with other foods.  If you don’t like to do these detoxifiers, then make sure you do them at least 4 times a year to cleanse yourself from toxins that can lead to serious diseases. So here’s a list of simple detox juices to help you detoxify.


  1. BluePrint Cleanse


These are organic juices that are bottled using a high pressure and with a no heat procedure so the freshness of the juice will extend up to 13 days when chilled.


  1. Cooler Cleanse


These are juices that are bottled using a hydraulic press. It’s a machine that squeezes the entire fruit/vegetable into a pulp.


  1. Life Juice Cleanse


These are juices that are frozen to preserve the nutrients and antioxidants of the fruit/vegetable.

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