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What’s Good About Grass-Fed Beef?

What’s Good About Grass-Fed Beef?

The traditional way of feeding beef cattle with grass has now become rare, for quick growth and bulky meat, cows are now commonly fed on a grain diet. What we feed cows with is what we eat later on in the form of beef.


The market demands beef that is succulent and meaty and to abide by the demand the modern pastures provide the cows with a diet that artificially amplitude their size. Cattle barns are too small and hold more animals then they are supposed to. When this happens the cows are prone to catch an infection and so as a precautionary measure, they are injected with antibiotics and steroids.


The cows are then taken for slaughtering and during transportation, the cows are treated carelessly which causes injury. All of this can make beef eaters want to turn to being vegetarian and so the rare but traditional grass-fed beef is better for the health. The grass fed cows are kept in a natural environment where they graze on fresh grass and wander more freely.


The natural pasture of fresh green grass makes the beef organic and full of essential nutrients like vitamin A, C and E, antioxidants and Omega 3. The beef from the natural pasture to your plate in form of steak or the juicy patty in your burger will be healthier, tender and tastier compared to the grain fed beef.


Grass fed beef has more health benefits and overall is more beneficial for the heart. This is because it has less harmful total fat and has more heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Organic beef is overall healthy while genetically modified beef harms the functions of your heart.


The grass fed beef has more ‘conjugated linoleic acid’ – the fat that reduces the risk of cancer and heart failure. The grass fed beef in the market does cost more than grain fed beef and the reason is worth the investment you do on your health.


The cost and beef production time cycle of the traditional pasture for a cow that is fit for slaughter in its own time is higher than the conventional pasture.


When buying your meat, it’s better to make the purchase at the farmers market rather than outlets that don’t provide assurance of organic beef with convenience. The cost and inconvenience it causes you to buy beef that is fully organic are totally worth the health benefits.


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